Jesus wants you to live a full, abundant, vibrant life found only through an intimate, flourishing faith-relationship with him.

But what about when life is so full of demands and responsibilities that you feel too busy to even breathe? Is it possible to stay connected with God—to have a flourishing faith—even during the busiest seasons of life?


The Flourishing Faith series will help you connect with God by tuning in to God’s presence, moment-by-moment, throughout each day. These books aren’t your “typical” women’s devotional. Designed to lead you into a place of spiritual depth and authenticity with God, each Flourishing Faith book incorporates a wide variety of Christian spiritual practices—including Bible study, Scripture meditation, worship, prayer, and being still in God’s presence—along with many creative, unique, and even fun ways to connect with God, such as through journaling, art, conversations with others, experiences in nature, and hands-on service. Each book is structured to be flexible, allowing you to utilize it in the way that best nourishes your own relationship with God.

Ready your heart.

Prepare to meet God.

Begin the journey.